For the longest time, I thought the only way to be successful in this industry was to get out of Northern Nevada. I spent the better part of my youth here and because of that, I was convinced that the people of Reno wouldn’t understand what I was trying to do, or even care. However misguided that may seem, it’s what I felt. So, I did what most do when they feel like there are no options, I moved away.

Although my time away was memorable and life changing, it was only so because I was able to share them with the people I met in Reno. Namely my closest friend and my future wife. When I started thinking about that, how could I not have love for Reno when it gave me the opportunity to not only meet them, but so many other great people? A bigger city only provides more options, but it’s the people that make them worth something. People and change, is what brought about my latest venture, Neon Babylon.



Neon Babylon is about providing representation for a city that is often overlooked when it comes to fashion and the arts. As well, provide inspiration for kids that were like me, growing up in a city with a culture you don’t identify with or want to claim as your own.

At this stage of my life, it would mean more to create something at home, for home. To be a part of not necessarily changing the culture, but holding up a sign for those that don’t feel, creatively, there’s a way. I want the rest of the world to see that there is amazing talent here and I want to provide means so that Reno talent can flourish without leaving, if not by choice. It may seem like an impossible goal, but that’s why I’m so excited about the prospect of what the future holds.

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